Badges example

Some new offer for you:

  • Buy 2  and you will get 3 for free, offer that expire in 31 March 2013.
  • Come with old machine  to get 1 for free.

Get the code

[badge bg_color=”red”]Buy 2[/badge]
[badge bg_color=”cyan”]old machine[/badge]
Info Example Code
gray color 1 don’t read message [badge bg_color="gray"]1[/badge]
black color 2 dismiss message [badge bg_color="black"]2[/badge]
red color 3 important message [badge bg_color="red"]3[/badge]
orange color 4 funny message [badge bg_color="orange"]4[/badge]
yellow color 5 warning message [badge bg_color="yellow"]5[/badge]
green color 6 success message [badge bg_color="green"]6[/badge]
blue color 7 info message [badge bg_color="blue"]7[/badge]
violet color 8 power message [badge bg_color="violet"]8[/badge]
pink color 9 girl message [badge bg_color="pink"]9[/badge]

Customization options

Parameter Description
label the text body of the badge
bg_color use color profiles OR custom #color
text_color use color profile OR custom #color

Color profiles

gray black lime green emerald teal cyan cobalt blue indigo violet pink magenta crimson red orange amber yellow brown olive steel mauve taupe