Tooltip shortcode

Our team of experienced IT top tooltip on the most ways to right tooltip the technological infrastructure of your business or home system. Whether you need data, left tooltip or back-up, web design or hosting, network design or support, software installation, upgrades.

Working on an bottom tooltip or contract basis, we’ll advise, facilitate and offer support from concept to post-installation.

Get the code

[tooltip title=”Top tooltip”]<a href=”#”>top tooltip</a>[/tooltip]
[tooltip title=”Right tooltip” placement=”right”]<a href=”#”>right tooltip</a>[/tooltip]
[tooltip title=”Left tooltip” placement=”left”]<a href=”#”>left tooltip</a>[/tooltip]
[tooltip title=”Bottom tooltip” placement=”bottom”]<a href=”#”>bottom tooltip</a>[/tooltip]

Customization options

Parameter Description
title the text for the tooltip
placement top, left, right, bottom, – where to show the tooltip